Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today's Count

Ah sweet mystery of life at last you found us.  Spring.  Today it is here.  I sensed it yesterday, but today it is here.  It is not just the sun, we have, blessings, seen that daily now for almost a week.  It is not the puddles, they have been increasing over the week; the snow has only so much cold to keep the burning sun at bay.  It is, possibly the temperature combined with the sun, and the size of the puddles.  Or it could be that I walked on a patch of grass for the first time since October.  Brown, bent, soaked, but grass, with real soil beneath it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Favourite book of the day.

Even the title is cool.  A Guide for the Statistically Perplexed.  The font the title is in is cool.  The pen drawn graphs used to illustrate the cover are cool.  The smooth texture of the cover is..., but most of all the inside is extravagant.  I opened it to the delicate scent of a fresh book and ran my finger tips over the page.  Oh tactile glory, raised print.  Such a delicious rarity these days.  I am a book binder, among other book related things, and I love my info in a tactile format that has more artistic possibilities than the visual.

Enjoy it for yourself at the Nat Sci Library:  RA 409 .S7975 2013.  You may even learn something about statistics.