Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Second Coming! Book of the Day

Yup, it's true, he's back.  I have proof of it today in my new books.  Jesus has returned and has just published a book on Data Mining - Data Mining Mobile Devices.  He is using the last name Mena.  This could be from the family Mena in Spain.  It is well known that the apostles came west. Or MENA for Middle East and North Africa, a reference surely to his original home town in the Middle East.

Aren't you glad all the waiting is over, and that the Lord is making good use of his time finding out all about what we've been up to from our iphones?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Today's count

Four horses, three barn cats, a house cat, three dogs, several chickens, twenty one abandoned (mostly by a neighbouring farmer while the property was under the care of its previous owner) out buildings.  I am helping the friend of a friend build a coop for the chickens. One guinea hen escaped and has been making various forays over the barn roof, through the horse pasture and up trees.  Generally making her presence known to the local fox.  Her friend, the other guinea hen, has already been on the menu.  The glory of the day was watching the fox, hell bent for leather across the yard and out of sight behind the barn with one of my friend's dogs in hot and joyous pursuit.  The fox had forgotten that the visiting dogs, unlike the farm dog, could actually see it.

Yes, I do prefer this kind of vacation to a beach in Jamaica.