Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Pokapocalypse

It started yesterday.  I biked onto campus as usual, enjoying the spread of trees, the breeze, the swing of the bike in the curves.  Then I spied them.  In small clusters, holding their phones, staring, eerily still.  The Poka-zombies. I am glad that the basement dwellers are coming out.  At least their flesh will get a little sunlight and their muscles some new stretches - walking. But I have never been as creeped out in the real world as I was by their near motionless presence.  There are fewer of them today and an only slightly infected friend has given me the behind the scenes tour of this three dimensional video game of the present.

But just now, a ray of light.  Young, carrying butterfly nets aloft, real children, sans phones or pokadevices,  running about the bowl capturing real insects in the discovery of the real world.  My heart slows down.  I can breath again.  The Infection will not cause permanent damage.