Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Flickr

Thanks to the intrepid Kathy N. who showed me how to do this. After a search of many adorable dogs who did not have open access.  This picture is from Digital Wallpaper's.  Guess they want you to see it. 

Westie's are not shy, and have no real sense, like many small dogs, that they are small.  One westie of my acquaintance took on a dog nearly 12x her size when she was only five months old.  The older larger dog took the simple expedient of placing her paw in the middle of the upstart's back and pressing her spread eagle to the floor...until her owner quietly requested the puppy be released.  A wiser puppy.

avoiding a sharpie: part 2

If using the original spine is not an option, and creating a matching spine is not possible...forgot to mention last time that using a lazer printer is greatly to be desired when printing a replacement can write onto the book tape used to replace the spine.  In this image I have used a calligraphy dip pen and white acrylic paint.  The paint needs to be watered a bit, but only a very little bit.  I dipped the nib into water then stroked it through the paint a couple of times to get it the right consistency. If you want a thicker line the bookstore on campus sells dip nibs; they were about 50 cents last time I got some. The pen holders are not to much either (slightly less stylish than the one in the picture, a Christmas gift from my brother).  And Walmart sells cheap acrylic for about $2.00 a bottle.  I used Golden, but I am in the middle of a painting and it was on the palette.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

reason I will avoid using flickr pics

I searched for pictures I liked.  Apparently I am as discriminating as the picture's owners:  All rights reserved. But you can click through for permission to use them. Prices start at just 5 USD. Sorry my allowance doesn't allow for that.

But I can let you link through and see what I had in mind.

I have been opposed to flickr till now.  I hate the idea of having all my personal stuff up on the web.  But now I can take photos of my art, label it innocently, 'painting of friend's dog' and sell the digital image rights.  What fun.

I found flickr slow.  I much perfer googling my topic and hitting image.  Tonnes of images.  With flickr it was look at a picture, very tiny, press to look at it in a larger format.  Wait, wait, wait for it.  On google images, run your mouse over the picture and whahoo, it gets bigger for you to see.

I enjoyed their tone in the rules for use: 
  • Don’t be creepy.  You know the guy. Don't be that guy.

avoiding a sharpie: part 1

The question came to me, what to do when the water doesn't work.  Which happens.  Sometimes the orginal spine is just to delicate.  Sometimes PMS gets the better of you.  You need a new spine to decorate your newly repaired book.  I present the wonderful world of scanners and photoshop.  The first image has only a bit of photoshop work, extending the green with the duplication tool. The orginal spine was worn and rounded on the edges.  I admit I didn't even try to get it off.  The second one, okay, I am obssesive.  Don't worry, I was a home when I did it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

repairing with water

I think of the power of water every time I watch that woman in the CLR add wearing gloves and cleaning up common counter spills with a toxic chemical.  I think, woman, water can take down mountains.  What are you using that stuff for?  Something you have to wear gloves to use?  Where you are eating...

I use water in my book repair work.  When the spine needs to be replaced it is common practice to take the title and call number portion of the spine and glue it onto the new spine.  That works best when the cardboard backing of the original spine is removed.  Brush with water and wait.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's next blog...

lead me to this...

I believe in leprechauns

moving house

On the way home from work on Tuesday I saw I sight that made me say something I was brought up in church to believe would have me in deep kaka with the Almighty. Though I understand people convey its meaning with 'OMG' now-adays, I think that whoever disapproves probably recognizes the reference anyway.  But when I saw Linda Fritz's old house doing this....
 I said OH MY a totally awstruck way.

It was, I was told, on its way to Colonsay.  I am proposing a field trip to go see it.  Anyone want to come?  Do you have a car?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

you tube with legal consequences

Keen to try putting up my own movie, I rushed home on Friday and attacked my computer via  I discovered I could do a screen capture.  The equipment was already on board.  And so I did, and thus it grew up (more precicesly down) into a presentable (newbie catagory) movie.  I used photoshop to colour a zoomporphic letter I had designed.  All excitment, I got a you tube account, I got ready to go....I stopped.  Photoshop was in the screen shot.  Being a regular visitor to the Law Library I knew Adobe would have something pertinent to say about their program in my movie.  I had put them in the credits, but something told me Adobe might be a trifle more picky than that.  And they are.  Not only do they require that I show the full screen shot, I had cut in close to show the development of illuminating the zoomporphic, but they require I show you the whole 17.07 minutes! Grrrr. Okay, Photoshop couldn't be in the shot, so it wouldn't be in the shot.  I had to save every frame separately, but I am nothing if not obsessive when I want a project to work.  And having made two movies, I am now familiar with imovie basics.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

what I learned today from "next blog"

Has anyone else tried this?  Up on the left hand side along the top one of your choices is to hit "Next blog".  Guess what, you are shunted to the next blog.  Every once in a while I hit that and see who my neighbour is.  Today I ended up on a nice site belonging to a mormon family in Utah.  There was a comment about being 'sealed' in the Logan UtahTemple.  That what?  Gotta find out.  A right snazzy bit of architecture it turned out to be.  Though I must admit, it looked more Ukrainian than midwestern to me. What do your neighbours have to show you?

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well,  can't say I found it fast, and Darryl was in the way while I was trying to write and not knowing the system I thought it said he had just posted, not: "hang on!  I'm workin here"!  But well, who said I could read?  Or, at very least I am not the one who designed the sign to say "wait your turn", or you can bet I, and everyone else, would have noticed it.  And then the silly thing wanted me to overwrite what he'd said, which I thought was rude, so I did a typical me, get around technology anyway you need to, by copying my brilliant expose into word, waiting Darryl out, then copying it back in *(because the only options on offer that I could see from wiki were overwrite or disappear.  And I hate to have my brilliant exposes disappear).

*I can now speak from experience I perfer this place for my brilliant exposes.  I just hit the wrong serices of keys and whooop the whole thing disappeared.  But did Blogger let me down?  Nope, it saved it as a draft.  So you get to read it anyway.  Not that I would say I perfer any program to Photoshop 'cause it just wouldn't be true.  Mind you, as of this morning I have a small beef with Adobe which will be dealt with another day.

What shocked me

This is not what saddened me, for my sympathy and prayers are with the people of Japan.  This is not what gives me hope:  that Japan will take the lead in solar power, making it as amazing as plant's ability to take energy from the sun even on a cloudy day.  (Who builds nuclear power plants on fault lines?  Humans it turns out.)  This is about what shocked me.  Japan is now 8 feet to the left!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Start small and work up.

When I wanted to write a story for my niece who liked outerspace, I started in the children's section of the library looking at little kid books on 'what was a star', and over the next six weeks worked my way up to reading Hawking's Brief History of Time, and understanding it.  I believe in starting small and working up.

Apparently I need to start smaller when it comes to posting video to this post.  I tried to save the HTML, but it wouldn't allow me to centre the video.  After several tries at rewriting the code, admittedly my coding is not beyond beginner, I gave up and inserted the video as I had done with the other videos in earlier posts:  go to the movie icon in the list across the top of this composition window, click on the icon, follow the instructions.  Volia, a centred video. It is narrow enough too.  My first attempt gave me a video that was wider than my post column. But that I solved with the coding.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thing 25!

After checking with the owner of the inspiring blog and futzing around with getting the file changed to the necessary png, I am happy to announce the launch of  a 23 things t-shirt!

Just go to the cafepress store I created for it. There are mugs and t-shirts.  There is no markup: you pay the cafepress base price, taxes? (American, don't think so), and postage.  Anyone wants to get into a group to save postage, let me know.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The visual mull

Apparently my presentation lacked clarity.  :-( 

The mull is the material used to attach the text block to the hard cover case in book binding or repair.  In the repair job photographed above, white linen was used. As my presentation notes, other material can be used, such as your husband's jeans.  Be sure he is not in them when you cut them up.  This white linen is from a towel once owned by my grandmother, or great grandmother, or great great....yeah, they kept everything, and linen is good for into the hundreds of years. The mull is glued to the spine of the text block and then its flap edges are glued to the front and back cover of the book.  It is this design which enables you to put the fine spacutla down inside the spine of the book to attach the tattle tape.