Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Today's count.

Mom with twins under 2' in the Bowl.  Twin stroller, and twin with stroller - pink.  Little grey floppy sunhats.  No sun.  Grey shirts, green shorts, blue shorts.  Flowers blooming.  Others on the lawn and walking the circuit fill out the scene.

Oh... there goes the blanket folding.  Lunch break is over.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


I am now responsible, among other things, for making sure the jumbo tron of the modern poster world in our library is up to date with its digital posters.  One of the new ones today caught my attention with its wording.  It reminded me of a newsletter I received when I worked at the campus Women's Centre in the mid ‘90s.  McGill’s Women Centre declared they welcomed ‘women and lesbians’.  This poster declares its event is ‘gender inclusive’ and ‘all are welcome’. 

I was surprised in the ‘90s to discover that lesbians were not women.  I am surprised now to find that all means everyone except those of specific, if unspecified, gender.  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The delicacies of a January Thaw

Admittedly we have not had much winter in recent years.  But this year we have seen the high end of the -30s.  Of course that's cold end of the thermometer, so that's the low 30s?  It confuses the brain at times.  But we all agree it's cold.  But today, it is not cold.  And with little snow to show for our season, now running into its third month, we have earth showing, and bits of grass.  I reached out to touch the delicate yellow green needles of a tamarack and found them as soft now as they are in the spring.  They peeled off into my palm and I raised them to my nose to inhale.  Sweet: earth and spring and warmth and peaceful afternoons.