Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trust them

I know in this current age there are those who would have rushed up the stairs to help, or worse called the cops and social services, but luckily the group I was on tour with yesterday was made mostly of people my age and we just watched with joy and grinned.  I was on a tour, and as the speaker talked (and I listened) about the architecture, two children came down the staircase behind her.  A big brother of about seven and his kid sister of about three. One foot on the step below, one foot on the step she was on, he came down at her pace one stair at a time.  One had behind her, and one hand before.  Patient.  His sister, and he was going to get her down intact.  How will that effect his view of himself as he grows?  No adult even in sight to yell, 'don't do that, you'll fall'.  Because, honey, he wasn't going to fall.  No way.  He had this thanks. And it was so darn cute.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery

A bunch of books dropped into the book drop, through the return slot (amazing enough in this age and joyful because my nostalgic Luddite long term environmentally-sound storage loving self likes the clunk the books make as they go in).  As is my wont I check them over to make sure they don't need repair work done (no soddering irons required) and check titles for things of interest.  Fuzzing!?  What **&^ is Fuzzing.  Has it to do with the fuzzy bear on the cover?  Of course it does, because as I have know since I was small Fuzzy wazzy was a bear, and it turns out Fuzzy wazzy is now clogging up computer programs with with his fuzz (much random data - not to be confused the BIG data) to see when they will crash.  It is a brute force test, looking for the vulnerable bits, don't you know.  Though I am quite sure the grizzly on the book cover is really only interesting in catching that salmon jumping toward his open maw - no brute force required, just intelligent placement.

Fuzzing: Brute Force Venerability Discovery.