Monday, August 15, 2011

Holiday 3: expected and unexpected

I'm baaaacccck.  And what a time I had.  Expected. I promised you a painting, but what I didn't take into account was that after nearly five months working on two large art projects I wouldn't want to paint.  Lucky for my word of honour it took me four days to figure that out.  This is a slightly out of focus picture of a postcard I painted for my godmother in North Carolina.  It is my favourite of the ones I did.  The storm is not quite that threatening in the background, the blue actually goes up, up, up and over you from there.

Expected.  My friend and I went to the Great Sand Hills.  Bet ya didn't know the prairies could look like this.   At least any time other than the Great Depression.  Next day we drove further south and headed east to the petroglyphs at St. Victor's.  Bonus points if you can find the face in this shot.  The view beyond the small rock outcropping was .... I felt like I was at the top of the world. Neither the photos nor the pan video I took of it did justice to the sensation.
Unexpected.  I did not expect geese at the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Swift Current, nor the many roosters, the duck, the turkey chicks, and morning fresh eggs, green ones.  I did not expect to help my friend start building her new deck while at her place.  I certainly did not expect to get a ride on my brother's motor bike.  Didn't stop grinning the whole time.

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  1. Catching up on your blog. Welcome back! Holiday sounds great!