Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I learned today at the Law Library

From Wikipedia

I learned there is a country in the continent of Africa called Gabon.  Officially on record as the Gabonese Republic.  You all knew this, of course, but I must say, that despite knowing more about geography than my sister who confidently informed me while in grade six that 'yes if she coloured it purple it would be Portugal' (even if it was Spain or France), that my knowledge of the African continent is limited - to say, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa.  But today, I know where Gabon is.  And I know this because I was cruising through the Statues of Canada as I familiarized myself with Can LII, the free Canadian Law Database*.  And there, in the Statues was Canada–Gabon Tax Convention Act, 2004, SC** 2005.  You will be surprised how many countries Canada has Tax Convention Acts with.  It is almost as though we did business with them or something.

*Through our Lib Guide
**Statue of Canada (amazing, eh)

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