Friday, May 4, 2012

out of luck

For many years now the Universe has communicated with me via pennies. Yup, those small round coins, different from all our other coins, and apparently so expensive to make. Sigh.  Pennies have popularily been considered lucky, and in times of trouble in my life pennies have turned up in the oddest of places.  I'm not talking just the odd penny on the ground where you would expect them to be, but odd places.  Three sitting on the floor outside my room at college during a romantic break up. One in the mail slot during the same time.  One outside the place I now live each time I came to see it while deciding to live here.  I have a pile at home that is well past the twoonie point and each has had some meaning attached to its presence.  And today the last penny was stuck by the Mint.  Sigh.  What will the Universe do now?

Use nickles, like the rest of us.

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