Thursday, June 16, 2011

today's count

Seven, count 'em, seven adorable baby gophers.*  I know they are babies because they are half the size of the regular gophers and both more alert and less cautious.  There were five of them at the big front door to the hole and two up the slope at the back door.  The two at the back door tried to go in together.  Two little bums and four little feet waving in the air, bloop, they were gone.

*Vermin say the farmers loudly.  Yes, yes, I know gophers do terrible things, but I figure whatever they do it can't compete with dropping nuclear bombs, having a definition for the word pedophile, or developing islands of plastic water bottles for the Pacific ocean because drinking out of a washable cup is just toooooo much effort.   I say gophers are cute.

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