Thursday, February 10, 2011

Multitasking is not heroic; it’s counterproductive.

A quote from the Derek Dean article Recovering From Information Overload in the McKinsey&Company Quarterly. (Another skill mastered.  I have figures out links in blogger!) I feel a wee bit justified when I read it, it confirms my understanding of humans. Mr. Dean is speaking of CEO's, but they're human too, right?  I think humans actually like to deal with humans.  Hence students will come an ask a question at the desk when they could find the information themselves online.  They want the contact.  I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by all the changes (like comfyshoe I change but slowly), but by figuring out what these new technologies are in terms of what humans I bring it all into perspective.  No matter the system, no matter the technology, we are the same and will continue to be the same.  Tweeting for example is not new, it is word or mouth.  When we were an oral culture, everything was word of mouth.  Now that we are a global community and we have the technology to accommodate the communication, we are once again doing things by word of mouth.  It's not what you know, but who you know.  When the social media video was posted at the beginning of 23 things I thought of course 78% of people take what others they know say about a product over what the company says about the product.  (And if they are very lucky, all those people in Sweden etc. don't have to know anything about Ashton and Brittany.)  We may use new tools, but we do not change.

There, I think I've got linking down.  :-)

Oh~! one more.  Kate's site, which has been registered last time I checked, has a bit about the coptic binding course we taught last night at Art Placement.  Lots of fun, and funny as I had to give my glasses to one of the students and then demonstrate the rest of the evening out of focus.


  1. I love your thinking here - great points! (And nice job with the links!)

  2. By the way, your comment finally came through on the Social Media video (on the welcome post)... sorry it didn't work before! I'm not sure what held it up. Thanks again for posting your thoughts!