Monday, February 28, 2011

Prezi Mull

Sorry, clearly music does not interest me enough.  I forgot it as a subject the moment I opened prezi and started to work.  :-)

For the first while working with prezi Arrrrrgggghhhh was my only comment.  And if there is another way to get my presentation into my blog other than as a link I haven't found it yet.  I began to get used to the program.  Still can't figure out how to get my mull samples to show up in the centre of the screen when they were on stage by themselves.  I shrunk them and the shot only zoomed in closer.  Thus far, I think I am glad I do not have to do many presentations.

Colin Firth.  Heavy sigh, even after all these years.


  1. I like your prezi!

    As far as I know posting a link is the way to share a prezi on your blog, but if there's another way I'd be interested in knowing too.

  2. Colin. Colin. Ya. He's great.

    As for Prezi comments... What is a mull?

  3. The mull definition is the second slide in the prezi!

  4. Hey Nice Prezi! I like the use of that fantastic public Library Architecture in the title field. Thanks to Christine Neilson's directions in the comments on her blog 'learning is a verb' I was able to embed instead of linking my prezi.

  5. Hi! You asked about zooming on my Prezi so...I'm not sure about close ups but maybe if you make brackets and have it zoom into those instead? That might give you more distance, especially if you make them bigger than the words.