Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Apprentices welcome

For all and any interested in the deep and secret Sisterhood of Book Repair Persons*, please be aware of an upcoming introduction to bookbinding, brought to you by a Happy Leopard near you.  Willing victims will be shown the basics of book binding and assist in the production of 100 handmade books for charity.  Mark your calendars for early to mid May.  A date will be set.  You will be sent a secret signal, if only you let us know where to signal you.

Useful tool for the aspiring junior book repair person working alone:  the self healing cutting matt.  Available for prices as low as $12 (last time I checked) for 18x23 inches at the ever handy University Bookstore.

*boys are allowed, but they must wear kilts :-)


  1. I can be reached by heading through the secret door on the eight floor of Murray library. Remember to hop on your left foot three times and quote your favourite author before hand or the gargoyles will blast you with lazers. Or just email me at work, if that's easyer. :)

    I'm really interested, so please do email me. I even have a bone folder at home.

  2. Cool but now I have to make Murray a kilt I guess...and the Wood tartan is Private, and he probably won't wear one if I make it out of FabricLand bargain stage, fuschia, flowered chintz.

    I AM really looking forward to seeing this new book though - it's going to be great!