Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who knew

Diigo, I came, I registered, I bookmarked.  I left.  Well, in looking for something to bookmark I did discover that spoon is also a card game. I have so few bookmarks in my life that it is not a service I can ever see myself using.  When I wonder about the patrons using it I think of the ipad and its little followings and I think, if we carry the communicators with us Jim, why do we worry about transferring everything form device to device?  Of course we are not quite there yet.  So, it is more like everything is in the computer now and so we just have to call out 'computer' (or 'google') where is the.... and Diigo is the bookmark part of that voice-of-Majel-Barret response system.  But with Diigo I have to click on my  Diigo bookmark then sign in, then ask Majel Barret where is.....  With google I just ask where is....  But as I say, I just don't have enough bookmarks to make it worth it.  I have eleven at home, and ten at work:  including 23 Things and Uncle Lew Spoon (a game, who knew?)

16days, 2 hours, 1 minute
of course that was 30 seconds ago

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