Monday, April 18, 2011

summer school

I attended summer school twice in my university career.  Once here, and once at a school in the States.  My cousin lived up the street from the school and she invited me to stay with her while I attended. For a walk down memory lane I made a community map of the walk I took from my cousin's house to school.  For some reason the tags got all in the wrong places and I can't get them to go back to the order I wanted.  Start at Linnaean street (4) and work your way down to the Yard.

It was great fun going over the map and finding some of the places I'd walked twenty odd years ago.  I enjoyed more the street view I stumbled onto while searching for pictures.  I tried to link to it, but it kept being troublesome and then my whole machine hiccuped, so I gave over.  For research I can see it as useful. As a story writer wanting to better understanding of my setting I can say its way cheaper than a flight. But you miss the smell and the stickiness of the air.  I can still be taken back by hot humid summer air and and strong smell of car pollution to that wonderful summer.

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  1. What a great walk! Thanks for sharing.

    I had the same experience with the tags going out of order...