Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The visual mull

Apparently my presentation lacked clarity.  :-( 

The mull is the material used to attach the text block to the hard cover case in book binding or repair.  In the repair job photographed above, white linen was used. As my presentation notes, other material can be used, such as your husband's jeans.  Be sure he is not in them when you cut them up.  This white linen is from a towel once owned by my grandmother, or great grandmother, or great great....yeah, they kept everything, and linen is good for into the hundreds of years. The mull is glued to the spine of the text block and then its flap edges are glued to the front and back cover of the book.  It is this design which enables you to put the fine spacutla down inside the spine of the book to attach the tattle tape.


  1. Very cool. But I don't think it was your presentation lacking clarity. I think I needed more coffee for clarity, lol! Thanks!

  2. Yeah, I got it. I was just confused because I'm used to doing book repair with store bought tapes etc... I didn't know you could use cloth.

  3. Hey great photo of the linen mull - you can see how fine the weave is and it's sort of a fancy weave too - waffle or something like that.