Friday, May 13, 2011

Paperback novel part ll

Working with the glue and the special tool.  Once you get the text block all banged down so all your front, top and bottom, surfaces are even and you have secured same with the totally illegal elastic/rubber band, place the block between two sturdy objects.  I only have one brick left (don't ask)so for this I will use discard legal volumes. 

Then apply the first layer of glue.  And voila, the special tool.  Handy, works in concert with other like tools to accomplish endless other functions (don't ask), and is completely washable. Will not shrink in the dryer. (Remember the hanny dryers when you were a kid, when your mom would hold out the towel for you to put your hands in and then she'd rub them quick and silly?)  Use the special tool to spread the glue evenly over the spine of the text block.  This tool is the best one I have ever found for this work.


Let the glue dry a bit with the text block in the upright position, which allows it to nestle a bit between the pages, then squash it.  Bricks are great for this.

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  1. Very cool special tool! Most people have them and they are inexpensive!!!