Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recumbent upon my sick bed


I had hoped to be better by now, but not so much.  I'd show you a picture of me, but I am hard to see under all the pillows and blankets, empty tissue boxes and mounting halls wrappers.  So I am awake and having my chicken soup so I thought I'd check in before the official end---since I am not as sure as I was two days ago that I'll be back before the end.  Keep hoping.  I do.

Wordle.  The calligrapher in me loves it. I have been at it for several weeks now, in secret sneaking ahead.  But the one I printed out to scan in so I could show you, cause darned if I can figure out how to make the think connect to the blog, I left on my desk before I left on vacation.  There was a vacation in all this somewhere.  Anyway, wordle is loooooooootttttttts of fun.

LibraryThing.  I quick joined up and check it out a wee bit.  I think I am going to like it.  More later.

Smilebox looked like fun.  I will play with that when I get back.

To complete the circle I will say of 23 Things I have enjoyed it very much.  It has loosened me up a bit in terms of the world in the box.  A hands on experience is so much better than a theoretical one.  Like Data asking Picard if it was different actually touching the historical space vessel (when they were back in time) as apposed to just reading about it.  "Oh yes" he said.  Oh yes.  Though I do not forget that the common denominator in the box is the same as the common denominator out of it.  Being inside the box does not make you somebody and people outside it nobody.  It just means you are in the box.  I will be happy to visit you there.

Once more unto the bunk dear friends.


  1. Bummer!!! I hope you are better soon!!! I was wondering why you were not posting to your blog... now I know! Take care of you.

  2. hopefully you will be well enough to attend the party - bring your wordle with you....I would love to see what a serious word and letter meister would do with that app.