Friday, July 15, 2011

Holiday 2

Unexpected holidays are wonderful.  I went on one this morning.  I was walking along on my morningly morning walk and found myself suddenly in Paris, walking along the shaded streets with a view of the Eiffel Tower.  A lovely blue in the morning light.  As I sauntered along enjoying the sights and smells of Paris, I found I had moved across the channel and was now in London.  Oh, look, the bridge.  How marvellous.  And the underground.  Mind the Gap. 

 I remember the London underground.  I experienced it in the company of my sister-in-law's aunts and two wildly entertaining eleven year old twin cousins.  We were on our way to see the Queen:  which we duly did.  She didn't see us though.  Poor her.  We were having a hoot, but don't think she was.  After London I boarded a large dragon fly, one of the hundreds of big blue ones who have launched in the last twenty-four hours to eat the mosquitoes, and ended up in New York.  It's as close to the Statue of Liberty as I have been in may years.  I arrived home refreshed from my holiday.  As one should.

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