Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holy book repair,Batman! part 1

This adorable little old priest came to me and asked if I could repair his Bible.  Apparently he uses it a lot and its spine was coming apart.  I offered to build a new cover, but he liked the designs on the old cover so I mended it.  First I helped the text block complete its escape.  I gave it a new mull and picked out fresh end papers.

Then I prepped the cover for its reunion with the text block. I stripped off the old end papers and using a piece that discard, strengthened the spine from the inside.  I applied book tape down the outside of the spine and to the corners which were showing their age.  

Book tape comes in few colours.  Red, blue (the kind even a desperate boat owner having to purchase from the miss mixed paints wouldn't choose), brown, (the kind that makes you think of icky things), yellow (YELLOW), British racing green, a lovely burgundy (that goes well with many law books I work with at my day job, but did not match this Bible), and black (old faithful).  There is also white, but it reminds me of white socks with black shoes and I have never used it.  If you have an expense account and wish to go to Brodat's you can indulge in a dark brown (which makes you think of chocolate), and maroon.  It is always good to dream.  Still neither of the Brodat colours would have matched the Bible either, so I stuck with the old standard, black.  Matches the priestly robes and all.
Upcoming, the wholing of the book.

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