Monday, July 4, 2011

spinal injury

When the spine of a trade or mass paperback cracks like this you have an opportunity to repair your patient such that it will look very like it has never been in hospital.  The tricky bit it not getting the glue down into the break.  Tip back the opening and run a line of glue, or (and) spread it in with a narrow paint brush.  The trick is getting the two sides to lock back into place.  The book will try its best to just rest in position leaving it riding up on one side.  I find it best to put the two tip edges together and push them down onto the glue.  Then I viciously place the spine against the edge of my desk and run it down sharply.  This is where you find out you have put in too much glue...on one occasion it shot out so far it splatted on my shirt. But there is nothing like experience to teach you how much is too much. And how much is too little, as when your book falls apart again.  Like flour in the bread dough, you get a feel for it.

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