Friday, July 8, 2011

In defense of English

There is much barblefark in the English language today (and God knows in others as well).  Barblefark is not alphabetization (TIADI*), it is a filler language.  A verbosity with an emphasis on syllabled words.  It is repetitious.  I enjoy translating barblefark.  My translations are not a commentary on content, merely a clarification of it.

 Barblefark (the original)
Innovation’s Nine Critical Success Factors
1. A compelling case for innovation.
2. An inspiring, shared vision of the future.
3. A fully aligned strategic innovation agenda.
4. Visible senior management involvement.
5. A decision-making model that fosters teamwork in support of passionate champions.
6. A creatively resourced, multi-functional dedicated team.
7. Open-minded exploration of the marketplace drivers of innovation.
8. Willingness to take risk and see value in absurdity.
9. A well-defined yet flexible execution process.


Innovations's Success Factors
1. A need to do it. 
2. A way to do it.

*That is a different issue.

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