Monday, March 14, 2011


Well,  can't say I found it fast, and Darryl was in the way while I was trying to write and not knowing the system I thought it said he had just posted, not: "hang on!  I'm workin here"!  But well, who said I could read?  Or, at very least I am not the one who designed the sign to say "wait your turn", or you can bet I, and everyone else, would have noticed it.  And then the silly thing wanted me to overwrite what he'd said, which I thought was rude, so I did a typical me, get around technology anyway you need to, by copying my brilliant expose into word, waiting Darryl out, then copying it back in *(because the only options on offer that I could see from wiki were overwrite or disappear.  And I hate to have my brilliant exposes disappear).

*I can now speak from experience I perfer this place for my brilliant exposes.  I just hit the wrong serices of keys and whooop the whole thing disappeared.  But did Blogger let me down?  Nope, it saved it as a draft.  So you get to read it anyway.  Not that I would say I perfer any program to Photoshop 'cause it just wouldn't be true.  Mind you, as of this morning I have a small beef with Adobe which will be dealt with another day.

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