Tuesday, March 29, 2011

reason I will avoid using flickr pics

I searched for pictures I liked.  Apparently I am as discriminating as the picture's owners:  All rights reserved. But you can click through for permission to use them. Prices start at just 5 USD. Sorry my allowance doesn't allow for that.

But I can let you link through and see what I had in mind.

I have been opposed to flickr till now.  I hate the idea of having all my personal stuff up on the web.  But now I can take photos of my art, label it innocently, 'painting of friend's dog' and sell the digital image rights.  What fun.

I found flickr slow.  I much perfer googling my topic and hitting image.  Tonnes of images.  With flickr it was look at a picture, very tiny, press to look at it in a larger format.  Wait, wait, wait for it.  On google images, run your mouse over the picture and whahoo, it gets bigger for you to see.

I enjoyed their tone in the rules for use: 
  • Don’t be creepy.  You know the guy. Don't be that guy.

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