Tuesday, March 15, 2011

what I learned today from "next blog"

Has anyone else tried this?  Up on the left hand side along the top one of your choices is to hit "Next blog".  Guess what, you are shunted to the next blog.  Every once in a while I hit that and see who my neighbour is.  Today I ended up on a nice site belonging to a mormon family in Utah.  There was a comment about being 'sealed' in the Logan UtahTemple.  That what?  Gotta find out.  A right snazzy bit of architecture it turned out to be.  Though I must admit, it looked more Ukrainian than midwestern to me. What do your neighbours have to show you?


  1. I did try this. But it's all so random!

  2. Random! I got a whole series of horse blogs one day, and a whole set in Spanish the next. Sigh, if only they had a better search function. :)