Monday, March 7, 2011

Start small and work up.

When I wanted to write a story for my niece who liked outerspace, I started in the children's section of the library looking at little kid books on 'what was a star', and over the next six weeks worked my way up to reading Hawking's Brief History of Time, and understanding it.  I believe in starting small and working up.

Apparently I need to start smaller when it comes to posting video to this post.  I tried to save the HTML, but it wouldn't allow me to centre the video.  After several tries at rewriting the code, admittedly my coding is not beyond beginner, I gave up and inserted the video as I had done with the other videos in earlier posts:  go to the movie icon in the list across the top of this composition window, click on the icon, follow the instructions.  Volia, a centred video. It is narrow enough too.  My first attempt gave me a video that was wider than my post column. But that I solved with the coding.

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